St. Patrick's Day Printable Worksheets

Ready to wear green? See any little leprechauns running around? It's time for shamrock shakes again! We have a great collection of worksheets for you.

Worksheets and Puzzles

  1. Acrostic Poem
  2. Bank On It! Worksheet
  3. Crossword Puzzle
  4. Cryptogram
  5. Do The Research- St. Patrick's Day
  6. Group Creative Writing
  7. KWL
  8. Maze
  9. Reading Comprehension Worksheet
  10. Vocabulary List & Definitions
  11. Vocabulary Quiz
  12. Word Chop
  13. Word Scramble Worksheet
  14. Word Search Worksheet

Complete Spring Worksheet and Lesson Series

  1. St. Patrick's Day Lesson Plans
  2. St. Patrick's Day Teaching Theme

St. Patrick's Day Adjective Worksheets

  1. Cabbage
  2. Leprechaun
  3. Pot O' Gold
  4. Shamrock
  5. St. Patrick's Day Parade

St. Patrick's Day Songs

  1. I'm a Little Leprechaun
  2. Leprechaun
  3. St. Patrick's Day
  4. The Leprechauns are Marching
  5. The Wearin' O' the Green

Classroom Activities for St. Patrick's Day

Saint Patrick's Day is a cultural and religious celebration held on 17th March, and while the day is exclusive to Ireland, it is celebrated in various other English countries as well. Saint Patrick, one of Ireland's patron saints, passed away on this day.

The day celebrates Saint Patrick but also marks the arrival of Christianity in Ireland. More than that, it is also a day commemorating Ireland's general culture and heritage. Generally, the public carries the celebrations through public parades and festivals while mainly donning green attire.

While St. Patrick's Day is a public holiday, you and your students can celebrate the festival through various classroom activities leading up to the actual holiday.

We have put together an interesting list of activities to help you decide how to have interactive celebrations in the classroom with your students.

Literary Activities

The purpose of celebrating in school is to educate students while also having fun. Here are a few activities you can do with your students that will help their writing and reading skills.

History Lesson

St. Patrick contributed to society and Christianity in many significant ways but not all students are aware of that. This would bea great opportunity to take your students back in time and answer some basic questions.

Read St. Patrick's Day Books

One of the simplest and most informative ways of celebrating St Patrick's day with students is to read books about the public holiday or Irish culture.

Write a Story

Get your student's creativity flowing through this fun activity. Ask your students to write a story about what they would do if they found a pot of gold.

Catch a Leprechaun

Encourage your students to get imaginative and critical by asking them to devise their plan of catching a leprechaun.

Write a Limerick

For this activity, print out a fun template for writing a limerick and ask your students to write their own and present it to the whole class. To give the fun started, first present your own limerick as an example.

Create a Flipbook

Ask your students to create an engaging flip book in which they write down all the ways in which they feel they are lucky. This activity will encourage self-reflection and gratitude in students.

Learn Irish Phrases

Since St. Patrick's day is also a day to celebrate Irish culture, it is the perfect opportunity for you to teach students some fun and simple everyday Irish phrases.

Arts and Crafts

I believe what excites children the most is the ability to create. For this St. Patrick's Day celebration, give them an open space to be creative with these activities. The inspiration is endless with this holiday.

Make a Leprechaun Bookmark

Teach your students how to take care of books by not folding corners and using bookmarks. Or better yet, help them make their own leprechaun bookmarks.

Make Your Own Leprechaun Mask

Leprechauns are mythical creatures in Irish folklore. Help your students make their very own leprechaun masks. The cherry on top? Ask your kids for their best Irish accent as they sport the mask.

Shamrock Stamp

Cut out sponges in the shape of hearts to create a perfect 4 leaf clovers stamp. Other items can also be used for this activity such as potatoes, cardboard or Styrofoam.

Create Slime

Children absolutely love slime. To celebrate St. Patrick's Day with them, bring in ingredients for slime and let your students go all in. Be sure to bring St Patrick's day inspired green glitter and sequins for the final product.

Games You Can Play In Or Out of Class

Scavenger Hunt

Create a fun scavenger hunt for students to locate the sneaky hidden leprechauns and the pot of god. Give your students the location of the leprechauns if they are able to figure out the riddles.


Bingo has become such a popular game that it is only fair to play a St. Patrick's Day themed bingo. Print out templates for your students and shamrock space markers. Play to see how lucky your students are.

Board Games

Take a break from arts and crafts and print out some fun St Patrick's Day themed board games. Let students engage in healthy competition and the spirit of St Patrick's Day.

Bonus activities

Watch a Movie

There is nothing more exciting for children than watching a fun movie in their classroom. Put on a classic Irish film like the Luck of the Irish, prepare some popcorn (added fun if it looks like pot of gold) and enjoy.

St. Patrick's Day Rainbow

You don't always need the rain for a rainbow. Use a prism or a glass of water, sunlight, and the appropriate angle to create rainbows on the ceiling or floor of your classroom.

Irish Dancing

Children are bursting with energy. Celebrate St. Patrick's Day the old school way. Play some upbeat Irish tunes and get your dancing shoes.

Going Green

Help your students understand recycling by asking them to plant flowers in old plastic jugs. Engage in conversations about plants and their needs.

Having a Feast

Food is always an incredible way to celebrate anything. For your classroom, throw a St. Patrick's Day themed feast with green frosting cupcakes and some traditional Irish food. This will be a perfect way to wrap up the celebrations.

End of the Rainbow

St. Patrick's Day is marked by merrymaking and revelry. The positive energy of the day is completely contagious. Make these activities a part of your celebration in school and watch the wholesome excitement that the little leprechauns in your class will enjoy!