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Light and Color Teaching Theme

Light and Color Lesson Plans

  • Bending Light- Ever reached down into the bath tub water to grab a toy and found that it was not in the position it appeared to be?
  • Color Illusions - Understand concepts of transparency.
  • Just Passing Through; Transparent - TSWBAT define the terms transparent, translucent, and opaque and explain how light reacts when it comes in contact with objects of these types.
  1. Exploratorium Science Snacks About Light- Experiment with colors that contain white.
  2. Pennies, Pressure, Temperature, and Light- The major goal of this lesson is to collect data from a variety of experiments, and then determine what type of model best fits the data, and explain why.
  3. Properties of Light - Students will understand how light travels. Students will experiment with flashlights and mirrors, and random objects.
  4. Reflect or Absorb Light?- The students will be able to understand the concept of light absorption and light reflection.
  5. Seeing the Sun in a New Light- About the observation of "coronal holes," by x-rays, also about related fast streams and moderate magnetic storms that recur at 27 day intervals.
  6. Using Bubbles to Learn about Light Interference- To understand the wave properties of light, especially the phenomenon of interference.
  7. What Makes Shadows?- Students learn about shadows as they observe and draw the shadow of a classmate. In the extension activity, students observe and discuss shadows changing over time.