Websites For Learning All About Light and Color

  1. Causes of color - Explore the phenonmena that create our colorful world.
  2. Color FAQ - Clarifies aspects of colour specification and image coding that are important to computer graphics, image processing, video, and the transfer of digital images to print.
  3. Color and Color Vision - Explains additive and subtractive colour mixing, the mixing of wavelengths, Newton's dispersion of white light to show the colours of the rainbow.
  4. Fraunhofer Lines - Prominent Fraunhofer lines in the spectrum of the sun are shown, together with their corresponding wavelengths. Very pretty!
  5. Glossary of Color Science Terms - When one speaks about color, some of these terms are sure to be used.
  6. How Does a Pinhole Camera Work? - Explains the principles behind the pinhole camera.
  7. How Light Works - Explains light in terms of photons to explain reflection, refraction and absorption.
  8. Java Applet - Java applet exploring reflection and refraction of light beam and laser beam.
  9. Molecular Expressions: Science, Optics and You - An educational resource for the science of optics and the physics of light and color intended for teachers, students, and the general public.
  10. Oatmeal Box Pinhole Photography - Photo gallery plus directions to make a pinhole camera, take pictures and develop them. Also, links to other pinhole camera sites.
  11. Optical Fibres Project - How optical fibers work, and information on reflection, refraction, Snell's Law, total internal reflection and critical angles.
  12. Optics 4 Kids - Tells about the science of light and answers common questions. Also explores careers in optics. From the Optical Society of America.
  13. Optics for Kids - An overview of the basics of optics, also discusses careers in science and engineering.
  14. Polarized Light - Fascinating facts about polarized light, from rainbows to beetles, from viking navigation to LCD displays. Myths and truth about polarized sunglasses. Also a shop with polarized-only items.
  15. The Reflection and Refraction of Light - Uses geometry to predict reflection from plane and spherical mirrors, and looks at how speed and wavelength varies with different media.
  16. Skytopia - Colour and Light Trivia - Amusing guide lists various oddities about colour and light. Find trivia on 3D, mirrors, light bulbs, and contradictions about the perception of colour.
  17. Theory of Color - Unconventional way of classifying and teaching colors.