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Physics Lesson Plans

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  1. Mass vs Weight- The purpose of this mini-teach is to give the students an understanding of the concepts of Mass vs Weight and a basic understanding of metric measurements.
  2. Periodic Motion: The Pendulum- To introduce the concept of periodic motion and relate it to the movement of a pendulum.
  3. Straight Line Motion with a Stomper- After this experience, the student should be able to define average speed (distance traveled/time) and be able to graph distance vs time and velocity vs time.
  4. Super-Ball Physics- To study the motion of a ball in the air, its collision with a hard surface, and subsequent bouncing.
  5. The Great Tin Race- Describe and recognize motion. Understand what is a reference point. Describe distance in reference to units of measurement.
  6. The Inertial Balance- Explain the physics principle of the balance using Newton�s First and Second Laws. Differentiate between mass and weight.