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Rainforest Lesson Plans

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Cyber-Starters, Rainforest Workbook Rainforest Worksheets
Environment Teaching Theme Rainforest Sites
Plant and Animal Cell Worksheets Saving the Rainforest Lessons
Plant Life Teaching Theme Science Literacy- Plant Life
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  1. Human Impacts in the African Rainforest- High school students should be encouraged to think about possible solutions to the environmental degradation that humans can cause, and to the ways in which people can work together to protect the environment from further negative human impacts.
  2. Layers of the Rainforest- Students us a variety of books about the rainforest to create a rainforest in the classroom.
  3. My Forest or the Rainforest?- There are many differences and similarities between the flora and fauna of temperate forests and rainforests. Certain environmental conditions allow particular plants and animals to live in the rainforest.
  4. People and African Animals- This lesson asks students to think about the ways that human activities impact African animals and their habitats. After looking at pictures on the Internet and discussing the possible consequences of human activities, students will draw pictures of animals living in their natural habitats with and without the effects of human impacts.
  5. Products from the Rainforest- Bananas, cocoa, coffee, wood and many more products originate in the rainforests of Latin America. As demand for products from the rainforest increases, more pressure is exerted on these precious ecosystems.
  6. Protecting Africa's Wildlife- In this lesson, students will consider how people affect the natural environment in their home area and in Africa. They will learn about two African habitats (the savanna and the rain forest) and some of the animals that live there, and focus on how cheetahs and chimpanzees make use of their habitats.
  7. Rainforest 3-D Art- Students will be able to create a 3-D rainforest scene using media techniques and processes in 3-D Art.
  8. Rainforest Exploration- "To learn the simple concepts of the rainforest and its inhabitants. Create a 3-D rainforest using one of the animals learned about."
  9. Rain Forest Animals By Layers - Students will use technology and print materials to learn about the Rainforest and animals found there.
  10. Regions of the Rainforest - The goal of this lesson is to give the children a better understanding of the two types of rainforests, along with learning facts about each layer and the animal and plant life that live in those places.
  11. Soil in the Amazon- By examining data, students will come to understand the effects of nutrient depletion in the Amazon and the impact of tree and plant removal from Amazon soils. Students will be able to describe slash-and-burn agriculture and its impact on the environment.
  12. The Great Kapok Tree: A Social Studies Lesson- "Students will demonstrate an understanding of the interdependence of animals, people and plants in the rainforest by participating in an ecosystem simulation."
  13. The Rainforest, Raw Materials, and You- In this lesson, from PBS' "Journey into Amazonia," students identify products made with materials that originate in the world's rainforests.
  14. Importance of the Rainforest: Great Kapok Tree- "Students will be able to identify animals that live in the rainforest."
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  16. Why Does the Cocoa Tree Need a Tropical Rainforest to Grow?- Cocoa plants have specific requirements to survive. Plants thrive naturally in different biomes. Growing conditions and requirements can be affected by human activity.
In the Rainforest

Animals, Plants, And People Found In A Rainforest

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Saving the Rainforest

Where Are Rainforests? Lesson Set

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