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How do I know my learning style?

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Identifying your learning style is the first step towards effective learning. Knowing your own learning style can help you improve the excellence of your study skills. It can even help you choose your career in future. Verbal, logical, visually oriented, physical and interpersonal are some of the common learning styles. If you are comfortable with acquiring information in any of these styles, you can understand your style of learning easily. You can then take steps to reinforce the use of your preferred style and improve the use of your secondary styles. A simple test can help you identify your specific learning style.

Test for a verbal learner:

Verbal learning style is the combination of writing and speaking. If your answer is "yes" to most of the following questions, your learning style can be verbal.

Test for a logistical learner:

You can find out whether your learning style is logical, by answering these questions. If you fit in to most of these situations, you are probably a logical learner.

Test for a visual learner:

If you are a visual learner, then you

Physical learner test:

You can improve your learning skills, if you confirm whether you belong to physical style of learning.

If your answer is yes to most of these questions, you are probably a physical learner.

Interpersonal learner test:

Your learning style may be interpersonal, if you

Intrapersonal/solitary learning style test:

You can confirm whether your style of learning is intrapersonal, if

It is advisable to take a little effort in recognizing your own learning style. You can then try to incorporate certain techniques to improve your learning skills. If you identify more than one style of learning, you can use your knowledge to constitute your learning situations that fit your style. This helps you to a great extent in improving your intelligence.

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