St. Patrick's Day Lesson Plans

St. Patrick's Day Teaching Theme St. Patrick's Day Worksheets

  • A Day in the Life of a Leprechaun - Did you ever wonder what Leprechauns did all day? In this writing assignment, students tell you. They read stories about Leprechauns and then they write about what they think a day in the life of one of them would be like.
  • A Leprechaun Trap - Students will enjoy working together to design a Leprechaun trap. They will need to create a plan to gather the materials and create a working trap which they can demonstrate.
  • A Rhyme to Find the Gold - In this activity, students create a scavenger hunt using rhymes. They are divided into groups and asked to write directions and verse to show where the Leprechaun has hidden his gold. The students then follow the directions to find a sweet treat.
  • A Visit to Ireland - The student will be able to plan a week-long visit to Ireland while staying within a budget.
  • An Irish Blessing - In this writing assignment, students study Irish blessings and then create their own. The blessings can then be framed and given as gifts.
  • Colors of the Rainbow - Students use water and food coloring to create a Saint Patrick's Day rainbow. They make the colors by conducting an experiment that allows them to study the process of dispersion.
  • Create Your Own Lucky Charm - A horseshoe and a rabbit's foot are two symbols of luck that are popular in American culture. In this art activity, students create their own lucky charm or symbol out of clay.
  • Green Food Graph - In this activity, students interview each other to find out which green foods are the most popular. They then work together with their group to create a graph showing their results.
  • Green Picture Collage - In celebration of Saint Patrick's Day, students look through magazines and create a collage of things that are green.
  • Irish Immigrants - The student will be able to create a timeline showing the significant events that have occurred from the Irish immigrating to America.
  • Leprechaun Map - In this activity, students are turned into leprechauns who are closely guarding their gold. They are so afraid of losing it that they create a map to make sure that they will never forget where it is.
  • Leprechaun Mask - Students use paper mache and paint to create their own Leprechaun masks in this art activity. They can use pictures of Leprechauns as inspiration for their own masks.
  • Letter to a Leprechaun - There's a Leprechaun in your room who has gold to share, but the students must convince him why he should share it with them. Students practice their persuasive writing and are rewarded for their effort with a sweet treat.
  • Measuring Pots of Gold - Everyone would like to have some of the Leprechaun's gold. In this activity, students use some of his secret supply to practice weighing and measuring.
  • My Own Holiday - St. Patrick's Day is a holiday that began as a religious day to remember St. Patrick. In this writing activity, students create their own holiday. They describe the holiday's traditions, foods, and celebrations.
  • Pot of Gold - Round robin writing My children have trouble writing because they have such low level skills and they have great imaginations since they are a lot older.
  • Shamrock Alphabet Match - Students use this shamrock matching game to practice their uppercase and lowercase letters. This game is easy for students to play as a whole class or alone in a center.
  • Shamrock Spelling - Students are able to practice spelling three letter words by using the three leaves of the shamrock. A letter is written on each leaf and the students must combine them to correctly spell words.
  • St. Patrick's Day in Ireland and America - St. Patrick's Day is celebrated in both Ireland and America. In this lesson, students use the Internet to research similarities and differences in the customs of both countries.
  • What Kind of Gold? - Everyone would love to have a Leprechaun's pot of gold, but many people settle instead for gold jewelry. In this activity, students learn about different types of gold and gold plating.
  • What Would You Do With a Pot of Gold - Students learn about philanthropic giving in this activity. They are told that a leprechaun will share his gold with them, but they may not keep any of it. Students draw a picture showing the way that they would use their money to help others.

More Lesson Plans From Other Sites

  1. Catch The Leprechaun- Set cones out to designate the playing area. Students need to stay in this area while playing this tag game. Depending on class size, designate 2-3 students as taggers (they can wear a belt, pinnie, for identification).
  2. Green, Green, Green- This lesson travels around the world celebrating St. Patty's Day and all things green! First, we start of in Ireland and travel our way down to Mexico for some green guacamole. Students will learn dances from the two places.
  3. Irish Literature Alive- Literature of Ireland comes alive with an introduction to the writings of Mc Court, Heaney and Yeats.
  4. Irish Literature Scavenger Hunt- Students locate and evaluate various books, journals, anthologies, and Internet sources that contain information that may be used in answering the scavenger hunt questions related to Ireland and Irish literature.
  5. Making a Leprechaun Trap- Students will use their knowledge of force and motion to make working leprechaun traps.
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  7. Pot of Gold Hunter- Students must know about St. Patrick's day and leprechauns and the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
  8. St. Patrick's Day Circuit- For students to practice previously presented skills in a holiday-theme context.
  9. St. Patrick's Day Songs and Poems- 5 poems that can double as songs.
  10. The Official St. Patrick's Day Web Site- Offers information on Irish events and news.
  11. Top 10 Tips for Incorporating St. Patrick Day Themes in Your Classroom- If trying to develop lesson plans to incorporate St. Patrick's Day themes into your classroom seems as elusive as catching the little green guy, here are some helpful ideas to get you started.