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Art History Lesson Plans

  1. Chinese Calligraphy: Language as Art
  2. Female Artists in the New Millennium - Backgrounds and history of important woman that have changed music and changed the roles of future female musicians.
  3. History of Book Making as an Art Form - The importance of journaling as means of Self - Expression.
  4. Kukamunga Water Resist Painting Ocean Animal Adaptations- Students will write a short story about their Kukamunga, including an explanation of the usefulness of their body parts.
  5. Learning about Pointillism - Students will learn about the work of George Seurat.
  6. Metropolitan Museum of Art - Students will be able to use the Venn diagram to start their 10 minute essay on comparing unknown images.
  7. Ndebele Object Painting - The learner will organize the components of a work into a cohesive whole through knowledge of organizational principles of design and art elements.
  8. Picasso's Guernica- Students will examine the painting, Guernica, by Picasso.
  9. Proto Renaissance - Students will recognize the shift in style, substance and subject.
  10. The American Spirit Through Art and Stained Glass - How American public art and popular visual media have been used to express the American spirit throughout its history.
  11. Valuing Culture and Ethnicity - The students will be able to identify cultural and ethnic influences and characteristics in art.

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