Lesson Plan Title : Female Artists in the New Millennium; Their Roles, Change, and Importance.

Overview and Purpose: Backgrounds and history of important woman that have changed music and changed the roles of future female musicians.


1. Get student's to give ideas of the hardships women faced in the different eras.

2. Encourage student's to think of how and why these women overcame adversity.

3. Highlight key women figures and their success/career.


1. Asking student's to participate in critical thinking and questions.

2. Show video's of music performances, lyric analysis.

3. Comparing/contrasting past women musicians to the female musicianship of today.



1. Joni Mitchell

2. Janis Joplin

3. Billie Holiday


1. Assign Readings on all three women that are not overly detailed but give insight.

2. Briefly expand on their pre-famous status and the adversity that being women had on their progress of success.

3. Explain the way women are viewed today and correlate the music of someone like Britney Spears or Katy Perry with the messages they send to girls.

Class Practice:

1. Student opinion on the issues.

2. Lyric analysis, what they were trying to say, if anything at all.

3. Video's of performances of the women.

4. Participation within discussion.

5. Engagement in the material.

Accommodations (Differentiated Instruction)

1. Highlighted important reading.

2. Keywords, feminist, adversity, norm, will be noted and expanded.

3. Including what was going on in each time era by a guided timeline outline.

Learning Checkup:

1. Reflections will be written following the class discussion and videos.

2. Group Discussion

3. Addressing Questions

Wrap Up:

1. Giving student's a list of other women in the music industry who have changed the music world.

2. Will all student's be interested in female roles in music?

3. Making sure student's can join in group discussion.