Lesson Plan Title : History of Book Making as an Art Form

Overview and Purpose: The importance of journaling as means of Self - Expression.


1. To gain a broad range of knowledge about the history of Book Making

2. To understand importance of Journaling as means of self-expression

3. To realize the different ways that journaling can be applied to individual lives

4. To create a sketch book using book bind techniques

5. To learn how to complete sketches and reflective writings in their sketchbook

6. To learn how to keep a dream journal and create an original work of art based on their dreams. Will also learn about collage as an art form using mixed media techniques

7. To create reflective questions that will be used a a whole to create an illustrated book as a student body


1. Students will gain knowledge about history of bookmaking

2. Students will gain a respect for the importance of self expression

3. Students will create original artworks with varying form of journaling / reflective writing / reflective thinking


Power Point Presentation
Images of examples
markers / crayons
sharpie markers
Card Stock



1. General Introduction

2. Power Point Presentation - To Show Image Examples

3. Self Expression!


1. Planning: Handouts that they will need to research

Class Practice:

1. Students make an original sketchbook using book bind techniques.

2. Students keep a journal.

3. Students will keep a dream Journal.

4. Students will come up with higher thinking questions

5. Keeping Journal

6. Reflective Writing

7. Dream Journal

8. Higher Level Thinking of life's questions

Accommodations (Differentiated Instruction)

1. Color Sheets

2. Pre-Made Journals

3. Questions already written on card stock

Learning Checkup:

1. Reflection Test on Practices / Research

2. Book Making Test

Wrap Up:

1. "Art Show" Display artworks and have art critique session

2. Checklist for students to keep up with their own progress

3. Rubrics to grade Project

4. Reflection Test