Lesson Plan : Study Skills- Dictionaries

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Boyd
 Grade 6
 Language Arts

 Using a dictionary
 The students will learn how to use
 The student will be able to strengthen study skills in reading, and writing. The student will work in cooperative groups to perform a task.
 Dictionary Study Skills Worksheet
 The students will be shown a dictionary and asked what is it used for. After student input, the teacher will define dictionary on the board (a reference book that contains definitions of words, thier history and use). The students will open the dictionary and will identify guide words on the pages. Guide words appear at the top of each dictionary page.
 Students will open their dictionary to any page and will read aloud the two guide words on that page. (example dodge/doll) The students will notice that the first word appears first in the dictionary and the last word appears last on that particular page.
 The students will be given a worksheet called Guide Words. Given a pair of guide words and a list of words below, the student will circle the four words in each list that would be found on a page that has those guide words. The teacher will identify the first set of guide words that should be circled and ask the students to assist her.
 Antoine will need additional time to complete the assignment.
Checking For Understanding:
 The student's work will be monitored for progress.
 Each student will be assigned various words from the list and will share their answers with the class. If an incorrect answer is given, another student will assist the student with the correct answer.
 Most of the students were able to complete the assignments. Given a list of 24 words, students missed about an average of 5 words. For reinforcement, the students will be given homework on guide words.
Teacher Reflections:
 At first, I thought this assignment was to challenging for the students. After we practiced the assignment a couple of times as a group, even the weaker students were yelling out the correct responses. This assignment also helps the students with recalling alphabetical order.

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