Lesson Plan : Talking About Feelings - Angry

Teacher Name:
 Amanda Williams
 Grade 4
 Special Education

 Feelings, Anger, Autism
 Students with autistic spectrum disorders will develop their understanding of feelings and pragmatic skills.
 Students will identify someone who is angry (based on facial features) and state a possible cause for their anger.
 SmartBoard with Internet Access
 Write the word feelings on the board. Have the students help list different feelings. Inform the studnets that todays lesson will focus on anger. Ask if anyone has experienced anger. Provide a defition of anger and discuss what it looks like on a persons face. (http://www.face-and-emotion.com/dataface/expression/interpretations.html) If time permits, take pictures of students making different faces. Save the pictures and make them into a quiz to give on a later date.
 Read Arthur the Angry Engine and discuss. (available at http://www.thewhisperersaga.com/free-children-s-stories.html)
 Play clip on bullying and anger from BrianPop Jr. on Smartboard - http://www.brainpopjr.com/health/relationships/bullying/zoom.weml?cc=yes. Have students complete easy quiz together as a class.
Checking For Understanding:
 If you took pictures of the students making different faces, paste them into a document and ask the students to circle all the angry faces.
 Together write a short story of someone who was angry and how they resolved their anger. Have the students illustrate the story.
 The hard quiz from BrainPop Jr and the teacher made quiz should show understanding. Evaluation of true understanding of pragmatic language requires observation of students. Students should be able to identify when they or a classmate is angry. They should respond in an appropriate way.

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