Lesson Plan : Classroom Etiquete

Teacher Name:
 Valerie Fisher
 Grade 1
 Special Education

 Teaching students the proper and polite attitude to have in a classroom setting.
 Raising your hand, asking "please", not calling out without be called on, listening and respecting other classmates ideas.
 After the first two days of class, I want all of the students to raise their hand when they have a question or comment. After the first three days of class, I want all of the students to listen to other classmates without being judgemental. After the first three days of class, I want all of the students to understand that if they call out in class without being "called on", they will not be permitted to enjoy in certain games and activities.
 16/20 students should meet all of the goals after 3 days. 20/20 students should meet all of the goals after 6 class days.
 Stickers, dvd player, teacher aids or a few student teachers.
 I will begin explaing to the class how if we do not respect one another in the classroom, we will not be able to enjoy all of the new subjects being taught. If we are not able to share our ideas with one another in a respectful way, we will not be able to show our familes how well we are doing.
 I will ask the aids and student teachers to role play in the classroom and show examples of students who are talking while another student is talking and what happens when students don't raise their hand.
 I will ask simple questions (questions that all of the students are capable of answering) to show them how raising their hand and receiving a response from the teacher will happen.
 We will put the students into smaller groups and practice classroom etiquette with the teacher aide and student teachers.
Checking For Understanding:
 After each day we will review what we learned and discussed throughout the day.
 I will give each student a sticker at the end of the day as long as they raised their hang 95% of the day.
 After the 6th class day, 100% of the students will raise their hand and will not call out.

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