Lesson Plan : Intellectual Disabilities

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 George & Memphis
 Special Education

 Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
 Students will understand the types and causes, as well as the history and prevalence of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. Students will also learn some successful practices for teaching students with those disabilities.
 Students will be able to demonstrate an understanding of intellectual and developmental disabilities, as well as form opinions on matters relating to the subject and develop strategies for use in their future classrooms.
 Computer, projector, projection screen
 Colored cards will be placed on the students desks before they arrive, in order to demonstrate the high percentage of students with intellectual disabilities in the special education classroom. (80%)
 "What do you know about Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities?" Activity: Powerpoint slides with questions and answers on left and right. Students will be given the opportunity to chose the side of the room that corresponds with the answer they agree with.
 Powerpoint presentation on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. Students will be provided with an outline to correspond with the powerpoint for note-taking.
 Accommodations such as giving out a more developed outline could be handed out, as well as using colored note cards to be held up instead of moving around the classroom for students with difficulty with mobility.
Checking For Understanding:
 Teacher-led discussion to check worksheets and correct.
 Answer any questions students may have.

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