Lesson Plan : Juan's Story

Teacher Name:
 Ms Edwards
 Grade 5
 Language Arts

 Guided Reading of a short story.
 Realistic Fiction Vocabulary: baffled, eddence, indication, insights, instinct, proposed, tempted
 Students will be able to make inferences.
 Students will use before, during, and after reading strategies to identify three inferences about Juan's character in the story. Students will be able to identify the Plot, Conflict and Resolution in the story and utilize a graphic organizer to convey their information.
 Students will page through the book, looking at the pictures. They will identify the genre and establish a purpose for reading.
 I will model a story pointing out the conflict, plot and resolution. For example, "I lost my social studies project. It is due today! I looked everywhere, even under my bed. Just when I had lost hope, my mother said, "mitchell, look what I found sitting on the computer printer." She handed me my project and I went to school."
 After students read Juan's Story have them complete graphic organizer of conflict, plot and resolution.
 Audio-Assisted Reading of Juan's Story.
Checking For Understanding:
 After reading, ask students the questions on the inside back cover of the book. ex: What does winning the contest mean to Juan?
 Play synonym ball with the new vocabulary words.

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