Lesson Plan : School Store

Teacher Name:
 Mr. C
 Grade 7-8

 School Store Preparation
 Dollar Skills, Change Skills, Store Preparation skills, Inventory skills
 Students will be able to count out money and do simple math in order to set up the school store. Students will also be able to make simple change based on individuals purchasing items of set values and given simple dollar counts.
 Students will make change for items when given exact change, one dollar, five dollars, or ten dollars 100% of the time with teacher assistance when necessary. Students will be able to count out loud money with 100% accuracy with teacher prompts. Students will tell the teacher when the store is out of stock 100% of the time and place the out of stock tag on the item 100% of the time with no assistance.
 Store Inventory consisting of candy, inventory listing of candy and prices, out of stock tags, change cheat sheet, multiplication cheat sheet, calculator, register drawer, and change for monies up to 20 dollars to be placed in the drawer.
 Have students gather around the table. Teacher will then hand out monies made last week to each student. Have students work together to clump monies in categorical piles (ie. pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, dollars, fives, tens, and twenties) Teacher will then ask for $21.50 in different denominations to place in the cash register so that the class will be able to make change during the store being open.
 Have students then count out loud how much money they have starting with the highest bill first. Once total has been accrued. This money is the money they made for the previous week. Teacher will take the total and put it in the log book. Teacher will assist one student in adding the previous total and the new total together to see how much profit has been made. Teacher will then pull out one or two receipts which must be paid off. These receipts are for the purchasing of the candy originally. Teacher will have students subtract the totals of the receipts to receive the new total profit. The money box is then locked away. Students will then go and inventory the candy marking what needs to be bought and what is out of stock. Out of stock items will be labeled by the students and checked by the teacher. During lunch periods they will set up the store in the cafeteria and prepare for students to come to purchase goods.
 Students will be at two stations which will flip flop during the periods. The first set will be asking what the customer would like and hand the item to the customer. The customer will then go to the second station and at that station the students will look at the items; look at the cheat sheets and say how much the customer will owe. The customer will hand the money to the student The student will look at the second cheat sheet and by covering the amount of quarters handed will decide the appropriate amount of change for the purchase. The teacher will look this over and nod if it is correct or make corrections if necessary.
 Teacher may need to help make change for monies over a dollar or if the customer has made multiple purchases. Calculator may be used, but it often does slow down change making so cheat sheets should be pushed. students should be paired with one strong one week to help in transitions.
Checking For Understanding:
 Have students talk about the days happenings and how they think the store went and any concerns they might have about the next weeks store opening.
 Pay the students and make sure they realize that they are paid for work and that working is an important thing to do. If they do not work they cannot be paid.
 Students independence should increase as the weeks progress. Mark independence by ability to make change and do activities with limited prompts.
Teacher Reflections:
 I as a teacher must realize that I am a tool, I am not to do the work for them. I must realize that what seems easy to me, is oftentimes a struggle. Giving assistance is sometimes necessary but should not be given as a shortcut for the students.

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