Lesson Plan : Beginnings of the Revolution

Teacher Name:
 Meredith Holly
 Grade 7-8
 Social Studies

 Revolutionary War
 This lesson focuses on the beginning events of the American Revolution; Battle of Trenton and Battle of Valley Forge. Key vocabulary; Loyalists, Patriots, Independence, Revolution.
 Understand the chain of events in the revolutionary war and understand how particular battles effected the outcome.
 Students will be able to explain the events of the revolutionary war. Students will be able to correctly identify key vocabulary and outcomes of specific battles.
 Text, Graphic Organizer, large visual of graphic organizer.
 Review the causes of the revolution and what two sides are arguing. What do they want from each other? How is independence going to change life for the colonists? Move into first battles.
 Use example of West Philadelphia going to war with the United States. Why would some people choose to stay loyal to the U.S. (to understand concept of loyalists) and why would some people choose to side with West Philadelphia and fight for independence (to explain concept of patriots). Move into first battles and outcomes, very simple; where, who won, significant details. Read pgs. from text.
 Students will complete a graphic organizer as a group with teacher guided instruction. This will include exact vocabulary defenitions and timeline of battles.
 Better readers will be paired with those who are on a lower level. Students on lower level will recieve organizer with larger print, spaces for writing, and simpler instructions and wording. Students who will complete worksheet quickly will have an independent writing assignment to tell the teacher whether or not they would have chosen to be a loyalist or a patriot and why.
Checking For Understanding:
 Teacher oral quiz. Teacher will gather class back for a group discussion where she will ask general questions to check for understanding, time permitting, each student will answer one question.
 Explain homework and how we will review and learn about more battles tomorrow.
 Quiz at the end of two weeks. Students will have to place battles in correct order and identify vocabulary words.

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