Lesson Plan : The Planets

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 Grade 4

 The planets and their characteristics.
 Inner planets - Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars Outer planets - Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto
 Students will know the 4 inner planets and their common characteristics. Students will know the 5 outer planets and their common characteristics, and that Pluto breaks all the rules. Students will be familiar with vocabulary words of inner planets, outer planets, gravity.
 SC.E.1.2.4 The student knows that the planets differ in size, characteristics, and composition and that they orbit the Sun in our Solar System. Students will review characteristics of inner planets learned in 3rd grade, and learn characteristics of the outer planets. SC.E.1.2.5 Students understand the arrangement of planets in our Solar System. They will know that gravity is one of the forces that keeps the planets arranged in orbit around our sun. Gravity also keeps our Moon orbiting Earth.
 Textbook D62 - D67 graphic organizer and vocabulary sheets
 Review vocabulary covered so far. Review information on Earth, seasons, rotation, orbit, moon phases.
 Read together and discuss pages D62 - D67 in text. Ask students to define vocabulary words gravity, outer planets, inner planets. Write correct definitions on board for students to copy onto their vocabulary worksheets.
 ESE students have vocabulary sheets and graphic organizers which are already filled out.
Checking For Understanding:
 Go over graphic organizer together as class, make sure students write in correct answers.
 Review information presented today, especially vocabulary words. Answer questions regarding material or projects

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