Lesson Plan : Magnets

Teacher Name:
 Mrs. Shoemaker
 Grade 5

 Magnets attract or repel
 To discover why magnets repel or attract one another. To understand why all metals are not attracted by magnets.
 To be able to understand how using a magnet can determine where the North pole is. To understand why you should never place a manget near a television or computer.
 Book: 1,000 Questions and Answers magnets and different objects to discover what metals are attracted.
 Did you know that magnets have a personality? Some attract and some repel. Not all metals are attracted by magnets. The earth is a big magnet. Magnets are what makes a compass work and helps people find their direction.
 Have students predict what items they think will be attracted by magnets. Let students feel the resistance when trying to place the same pole magnets together.
 Use magnets and keep a list of the objects that are attracted to magnets. Compare items and seek to find out what the attracting items have in common as well as what the repelling itmes have in common.
Checking For Understanding:
 Review the list of items that were attracted as well as those repelled. Discuss what they have in common and talk about the use of magnets.
 Ask students to write a paragraph about magnets and what they experienced when they had two magnets in their hand and placed them together or tried to place them together.

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