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 Carla Rogers
 Grade 6

 Minerals and The Rock Cycle (reteach & reinforce);Plate Tectonics
 vocabulary: inner core, outer core, mantle, crust, lithosphere, plate, fault, subduction, fault-block mountain, upwarped mountain, volcanic mountain, isostasy
 The students will learn about Earth's interior and the consistency of each layer. Students will learn about the movement of Earth's plates.
 To describe how Earth's interior is divided into layers. To explain how plates of Earth's lithosphere move. To discuss why Earth's plates move. To describe how Earth's mountains from and erode. To compare types of mountains. To identify the forces that shape Earth's mountains. 6.1A, 6.2A, 6.2B,6.3, 6.3C, 6.4A, 6.6C, 6.14
 four different colored pieces of clay, cause and effect study fold, section focus transparency, newspaper, colored pencils, text, supplemental materials
 The structure of Earth's interior and the relative thicknesses of each layer involve the theme of scale and structure. Energy is involved in the movement of Earth's plates and in the production of forces necessary for mountain building.
 Discussion of why the movement of Earth's plates is important.
 Kinesthetic Activities, Lab Demonstrations, internet activity
 Have students work in pairs using a question/answer method. Collecting the questions and dividing the class into teams for oral assessment.
Checking For Understanding:
 Class Discussion
 Reinforcement of learned material and pre district assessment activity.

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