Lesson Plan : Momentum and Energy

Teacher Name:
 Dr. Griffin
 Grade 11-12

 Simple Machines,Momentum, and Energy
 A laboratory concerning pulleys,IMA, efficiency and work reinforces the concepts covered in the unit on energy. Students will debrief their data and results. An interactive review over momentum and energy will wrap up the lesson.
 To use raw data and primary sources, along with manipulative, interactive physical materials. Engage students in experiences that challenges previous conceptions of existing knowledge.
 Students will: Define momentum, impulse, and conservation of momentum Explain why impulse is greater with bouncing. Differectiate between inelastic as elastic collisions. Show how the vector nature of momentum affects the law of conservation of momentum. Define and describe work, power, mechanical energy, potential energy, kinetic energy, and efficiency.
 Computer, calculator, overhead projector, whiteboard, pulleys, ring stands, masses, cordage,
 A double pulley system will be demonstrated to the students encouraging the spirit of questioning by asking thoughtful open-ended questions.
 An interactive review session will engage students in experiences that challenge previous conceptions of their existing knowledge.
 The instructor will utilize cognitive terminology (repetition) so that students can classify notes, homework, lab reports, and quizes into a viable study guide.
 Students will work in peer group modeling situations.
Checking For Understanding:
 Instructor will insist on clear expression from students.
 Instructor will gain insight from student oral responses.

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