Lesson Plan : Jump Rope Relay

Teacher Name:
 Mrs. Tamara Martin
 Grade 3
 PE and Health

 Manipulative movements being used while turning the rope. Non-locomotor skills being used during stretching in the warm-up and cool-down. Locomotor skills being used during the fitness and focus of the lesson while jumping.
 Students will be able to individually perform non-locomotor stretches with and without a jump rope. Students will be able to demonstrate their jump rope skills in relay.
 Jump Rope: one jump rope per team.
 1.We will spread out and use the entire gym area, we will begin class with some stretching exercises. 2.Then the class will be divided into groups of four. Each member of the team must run to their jumpropes (approx. 30 ft. in front of them), do five jumps, and return to their team and tag the next player. 3) First group to finish will sit down quietly and wait for the other teams to finish. Variations: Other jumps may include jump on one foot, jumprope backwards.
 Fitness Activity: Inform the students that they have six to seven minutes to become acquainted with their ropes. Demonstrate how to jump rope with both feet and alternating feet.
Checking For Understanding:
 During the fitness activity, assess as to whether the students are following directions in addittion to having fun.
 Closing Activity: Arrange the students as in the beginning for the stretching. Repeat the same procedure using the stretches used in the Introduction. classroom.

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