Lesson Plan : Popcorn just makes more sense

Teacher Name:

 science senses sight touch taste hearing smell
 Outcomes: name five senses and match with the correct body part
 TLW recall the five senses. TLW identify the body parts associated with each sense. TLW categorize pictures by the sense.
 popcorn popper, large sheet or comforter, bowls, popcorn, paper, pictures, scissors, glue
 The teacher will have the students close their eyes and imagine what may happen if popcorn was popping.
 The teacher and students will brainstorm a list of things that the students may experience while the popcorn is popping.
 The teacher will sit students in a circle around the comforter. Allow the popcorn popper to shoot popcorn all over the comforter. Ask the students to note what they see, hear, and smell. Afterwards, they can touch it and taste it.
 Advanced learners would write a sentence and draw a picture about their experience. Proficient learners would draw a picture and label nouns in their picture using inventive spelling. Intensive learners will draw a picture and dictate a sentence to the teacher.
Checking For Understanding:
 The teacher could have students sort pictures according to sense. For example, a picture of grapes could go under the taste or touch category.
 For closure, the teacher will ask questions about their experience. They would revisit the chart and label each idea with the sense that it involved.
 The teacher should assess the sorting activity to see if students understood each sense.

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