Lesson Plan : Childhood Obesity

Teacher Name:
 Zana Williams
 PE and Health

 Checking For Understanding: Assessment/Feedback Closure: Wrapping it up -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- STEP #5: EVALUATION AND TEACHER REFLECTIONS: Evaluation: Measures of Progress Teacher Reflections: To be completed after lesson! Childhood Obesity
 What is Childhood Obesity, Causes of Obesity, Long Term effects of Obesity, Smart Snacking
 1. To teach parents the ways to prevent their kids from becoming obese. 2. The parents will learn the long term effects of childhood obesity. 3. The parents will complete a Questionnarie.
 Prevent Childhood Obesity, to educate parents on the ways to help reduce childhood obesity and prevent their children from becoming obese.
 Powerpoint presentation, Questionnarie handout, Honey and Oat Granola bars to give to their kids so they can eat a healthy snack.
 1.Introduce myself Zana Williams, Nutritionist at a Community Center 2. State who my audience is (parents of elementary kids) and what my topic is
 1. Give out Questionnaries 2. Go over key points provided in powerpoint presentation 3. Give examples of how you can become obese
Checking For Understanding:
 1.Beginning of Lecture questionnarie will be handed out 2.Nutritionist will ask for feedback on the info presented 3.Complete presentation and cover y points
 1.Nutritionists reminds parents to remember smart snacking and to make sure their kids stay away from those unhealthy foods. 2. Nutritionists will thank parents for coming out and participating and will pass out healthy honey and out granola bars for the parents to give to their kids.

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