Lesson Plan : solfege ( Do - So )

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 Grade 1

 Learning how to listen, write, and sing solfege.
 Introducing the (Do,Re,Mi,Fa,So) solfege to student
 The student will be able to name the notes, to write the notes and to sing the notes and the important thing is to memorizes the notes.
 begin with an introduction to Do,Re,Mi,Fa,So by piano, so the student will recognize the sound of each note. then follow by the writing method and the singing.
 keyboard/piano. pen. game sheet
 introducing the student the sound of Do,re,mi,fa,so. introducing the writing for do,re,mi,fa,so. introducing the singing of do,re,mi,fa,so.
 first, the introduction of the do,re,mi,fa,so sounds. then play the note for them, and ask if they can recognize it. explain to them how to write them as a note, then play couple of notes for them to write. followed by sing the notes by recognize the note from listening nor writing.
 get the student to hear the do,re,mi,fa,so and to point each note by listening from the piano. then,get the student to put each note head on the whiteboard. then
Checking For Understanding:
 go over the solfege with the student by playing games for listening,writing, and singing the solfege. and handout the sheet for easy solfege to practice at home.
 ask the student if they have any question and if they had a problem make sure they are not scare to ask before leaving the class. and encourage them for more exciting things to learn next week.

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