Lesson Plan : Let us sing!

Teacher Name:
 Camille robbins

 Melodies and music
 Listen to, Analyze, and Describe Music 1.2 Identify and describe basic elements in music (e.g., high/low, fast/slow, loud/soft, beat). Apply Vocal and Instrumental Skills 2.1 Use the singing voice to echo short melodic patterns. 2.2 Sing age-appropriate songs from memory.
 1. To teach the students through repetition Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Andy Apple (both age appropriate melodies). 2. For each and every students to be able to identify the basic elements of music.
 To give the students a brief overview into the world of music.
 A CD player in order to play the music A large open area
 1. Music terms will first be introduced and studied. 2. The two chosen songs will first be played repeatedly in order for the students to grasp the tune as well as the melody.
 1. The songs will be practiced daily for a two week period of time. 2. The students will be asked to sing along. 3. With the playing of every song the elements of music will be identified and pointed out to the students.
 Practice, practice, practice!
 Everyone will be asked to participated and be included.
Checking For Understanding:
 The understanding of the lesson will be displayed during the students performance.
 This lesson is extremely effective in teaching the students the elements of music. By teaching the students these key terms though experience and creative fun it keeps the students interested.

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