Lesson Plan : Graphing Your Students' Favorite Music

Teacher Name:
 Mrs. Brown
 Grade 4

 Graphing Favorite Music
 collect, organize, analyze, display, data, bar graph
 TSW be able to demonstrate understanding of collecting, organizing and analyzing information. TSW be able to display the information in a graph.
 NCSCOS Grade 4- Math- 4.01 Collect, organize, analyze, and display data to solve problems.
 chart paper, markers, dot stickers, premade CD of 30 second clips of songs in several genres, CD player
 Play clips of country, rock and roll, rap, jazz, R and B, and oldies songs for students. Have students discuss afterwards what were the different types of genres that were heard. Have student groups write down their guesses. Play clips again and discuss as whole group.
 Tape 1 piece of chart paper to the board horizontally. Write down the different genres at the bottom of the chart paper. Brainstorm with students what they think we might be doing. When students figure it out, put title on top of chart paper. Remind students that when we vote it is OUR way to express how WE feel about something, not how our neighbor feels, or our best friend feels. Give example using Mrs. High and myself and what music we might pick. Give students each a sticker, TSW- table at a time- pick which genre of music they like the best. Tally votes. Discuss vocabulary- collect, organize, analyze, and data. Display results on another chart paper using a bar graph.
 TSW receive a rubric for this assignment. Student groups will make their own chart paper with the genres written at the bottom. One representative will be assigned to ask a teacher in another class what would be a good time to come to survey his/her class on music. TSW gather their information from classes using the same procedures as demonstrated in class. TSW display their data on a chart using a bar graph adding graphics, title, etc.
 Students will be working in groups therefore eliminating the need to differentiate the instruction. Students that struggle will be assigned certain tasks in their groups to make sure they are working outside their boxes and being challenged without feeling frustrated.
Checking For Understanding:
 TTW review rubrics with student groups or individual students (depending on the need) to give feedback on the project.
 TSW share with his/her group the results and another chart will be made of the totals. All charts will be posted in the hallway for the other classes to see.
 TSW be able to answer HOTS questions regarding the chart. Ex- How many more students like country songs than rap songs, etc. TSW be able to answer EOG style questions the following day for review.

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