Lesson Plan : How do you measure a circle?

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Tiffany Corba
 Grade 9-10

 Circumference, diameter, radius, area
 Students will be able to identify and measure a circles circumference, diameter, radius, and area.
 Each student will independently watch a video and complete a worksheet to help them identify circumference, diameter, radius, and area. Will supplied formulas they will also be able to determine measurements. Students will then identify and find measurements on a circular object they locate in the school.
 Provided teacher-made worksheets, paper plate, markers, computers with internet access, ruler, pencil.
 Students will be welcomed into the room and introduced to the goals of the lesson. Together with the teacher, the students will read over questions that will be answered during the activity.
 Students will independently watch the Measuring Circles video on www.brainpop.com while answering questions on teacher-made worksheet.
 Once completed, students will sit with teacher in group to go over answered worksheet. As questions are discussed about circumference, diameter, radius, and area, they will be identified and measured on provided paper plates independly with teacher assistance.
 Students worksheets will be premade to fit their individual needs.
Checking For Understanding:
 In addition to constant observation, students will take the printed quiz from the Measuring Circle video on www.brainpop.com
 Students will grade their own quizes and correct any wrong answers, identifying what mistake they made.
 Observations will be made during entire lesson, worksheets will be completed, and quiz will be taken at end.

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