Lesson Plan : Math Happens - Similarities

Teacher Name:
 Mrs. N. Joseph
 Grade 4

 Geometry in regards to showing similarities and congruences. The students will be distinguishing the difference betweent he two terms.
 The major outcome is for students to be able to quickly be able to show the difference between similar and congruent figures.
 TAKS: Objectives 2 and 3 TEKS: 3.9A,B: 3.8B: 3.16A
 Kim Sutton's "Do the Math" pg. 4, handouts, pencils, vocabulary flash cards, overhead projector, projector pens, tessellations of figures
 The primary focus is to get the students to see characteristics between figures then to relate the information that they have attained to determine wither the shapes are congruent of similar
 Will have overhead that has same model of shapes that students will have on their desks. Will be guiding students in a informal lecture about the subject. We will have a classroom discussion about the shapes and they all share their ideas between people in their group.
 Students will be allowed to practice relating the information by doing a group discussion on what they have found out about their shapes and share their information with group members.
 This type of activity will cover all learner types.
Checking For Understanding:
 I will use the independent practice as a means to attain the information of whether students understood the lesson.
 Will allow students to look around the room and find items that are similar and figures that are congruent. They will have to record their findings.

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