Lesson Plan : Math Happens- Probability

Teacher Name:
 Mrs. N. Joseph
 Grade 5

 Probability M&M'S Activity
 Students will be using m&m for a lesson as a means of an introduction to probability, tables,graphs and a introduction to fractions. Vocabulary: impossible, most likely, impossible,survey, least likely,certain, fair unfair, tally table, bar graphs(vertical and horizontal), tally marks
 The goal for this lesson is to provide students with the opportunity to receive a hands on lesson that talks about probability as a means of showing a really good visual to students to help them get an understanding of probability.
 TAKS: Objective 5 and 6 TEKS: 3.14A,B,C 3.16 A,B 3.15A
 M&M'S, zip-lock bags, M&M handouts, crayons, pencils
 The handouts are the guides for student to use through out the activity.
 This is one of those activities that guides itself and learning is conquered by doing the lesson and following the instructions on the lesson. I will be monitoring groups are helping assist groups with any terms or misunderstandings that they may have
Checking For Understanding:
 I will be going around each group and doing an informal assessment with the students as they complete the activity
 Will end with a closure of the days events that took place. Inform the students that this activity will be used when they start fractions and also graphing.
 Informal assessments and also, check with teachers to see if lessons in classrooms are progressing in a positive way. Also, check on 6 weeks review to make sure that everything was covered.

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