Lesson Plan : Math - Moderate Program

Teacher Name:
 Pam Carter
 Grade 9-10

 Math Calculations - Calculators in Use
 1. Math Calculations Number Problems Addition Subtraction Multiplication 2 Counting and Number Recognition
 1. The students will complete the math problems with 70% accuracy (or higher based on individual levels). 2. The students will learn to enter data into the calculator with minimal assistance (based on individual needs and levels of performance) with 80% accuracy. 3. The student will recognize numbers from 1 to 25 (or higher based on levels of performance) with 100% accuracy.
 1. The students will complete 7 of 10 math problems in addition, subtraction, and multiplication based on their individual levels. 2. The students will correctly copy problems onto their papers when requested copying with 80% accuracy. 3. The students will name each number as they are shown to them (based on individual levels)with 100% accuracy. 4. The student will fill in the missing number with 50% accuracy on numbers from 1 to 100. 5. The student will place the numbers 1 to 10 in correct order (based on level - 1 to 25, etc.) with 90% accuracy. 6. The student will point to the number as it is called with 80% accuracy.
 Notebooks with duplicated assignment sheets. Number Cards Troubleshooter Math (Text) Calculators
 Short introduction activities will be completed daily: 1. Missing numbers 2. Number Bingo 3. Counting items 4. Writing numbers 5. Memory game
 Worksheets are provided in each students individual folder. The teacher will assign a sheet for the student to complete. As they complete work they will have their paper checked and if they score below 70%, they will have to correct mistakes.
 All work is based on the individual needs of the student. There are a wide variety of learning and performance levels displayed in the room.
Checking For Understanding:
 1. Grading papers 2. Checklist of skills
 Skills test are given at the beginning of the year and again as needed. They are administered prior to the writing of the IEP and as the teacher feels progress is being made.

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