Lesson Plan : Factoring Special Polynomials

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 Grade 9-10

 Factoring Special Polynomials
 Difference of Squares Perfect Square Trinomial Patterns Sum and Differences of Cubes
 For students to untilize information in order to passs certain subject tests such as the CAHSEE, STAR, and tests Mr. Cochran will give them on this subject
 Students will understand the fundamentals of factoring and apply them to special polynomials.
 We will utilize the Smartboard in conjunction with a Powerpoint presentation in hopes that this visualization will infuse better understanding into the students. Students only need to take notes in their math notebook and will be provided with a quiz at the lectures termination.
 We will begin the lecture with a basic review of simple factoring. Once completed, we will then launch into detailed view of each different type of special polynomial. There will be an emphasis on applying the rules to solve all problems, which will hopefully strengthen the students' understanding of factoring.
 We will intoduce each polynomial separately on the Smartboard. Students will be introduced to the fundamental factoring by first using variables to illustrate factoring rules. They will receive a guided example and then will be asked to attempt a problem on their own that will be reviewed after sufficient time. These steps will be repeated for each type of special polynomial until all topics have been covered.
 Each practice problem will be explained in depth using the fundamentals provided at the beginning of each section. This will be done in an attempt to reinforce the basics underlying the factoring rules.
Checking For Understanding:
 At the termination of the lecture, students will be given a quiz in order to test for attentiveness. The questions will most likely be from the Powerpoint or extremely similar. Students will be asked to show all work so that the teacher will be able to see what steps the students missed and thereby improve the students understanding.

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