Lesson Plan : Overview for Families of Graphs

Teacher Name:
 Mrs. Thorpe
 Grade 11-12

 The Nature of Graphs- Families of Graphs
 Vocabulary- parent graph, reflection, linear transformation, greatest integer function, geometric transformation, and translation.
 The students will be a to identify the different types of parent graphs and different transformations. They will be able to describe the transformation of any type of graph and tell how it changed the parent graph.
 Ater studying this lesson student should be to: 1. identify the graphs of simple polynomial functions and step functions. 2. sketch the graphs of these functions manually and using a graphing calculator.
 notebook paper, graph paper, TI-83 calculator, pencil, and text book
 1. Students will define the vocabulary words in the section. 2. Students will be asked to give any prior knowledge that they may have about the subject. 3. Students will read the application at the beginning of the section.
 1. The teacher will explain examples 1-4. 2. The teacher will assign practice assessment to the class and when the students complete the assessment the teacher will answer any questions about the assessment.
 1. The teacher will assign a problem to each student and the student will present his or her problem to the class. 2. The teacher will create a 2 practice sheets for each student. 3. The teacher will assign a group activity.
Checking For Understanding:
 1. The teacher will check the practice handouts.
 1. The students will be given a test on Families of Graphs

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