Lesson Plan : Recap on Geometry

Teacher Name:
 Grade 4

 Basic Geometry Concepts that was previously learned during the week. It will also reenforce basic vocabulary used during the Geometry lessons.
 polygon, quadrilateral, pentagon, vertex, sides, hexagon,octagon,point,endpoint,line segment, ray, right angles, obtuse angles, acute angle, parallel lines, intersecting lines, perpendicular lines
 Students will have a better understanding on basic geometry terms, and can produce the product on demand by using paper and pencil method, and using tactile method.
 1. To identify polygons (quadrilateral, pentagon,hexagon, and octagon). 2. To identify lines, line segments, and rays. 3. To identify acute,right and obtuse angles. 4. To identify pairs of lines as parallel, perpendicular, and intersecting.
 1 bag of string, review worksheets, and personal geometry books.
 Ask students why is important to study geometry? Discuss the answer with the students.
 Using body movements the teacher will demo certain geometric terms.
 The students will demonstrate geometric shapes, angles, and lines by using the strings of yarn.
 There will be very little differentiated instruction. However, the special ed. students will have less problems to answer.
Checking For Understanding:
 Teacher will do observations during the lesson when students are using the string. The teacher will correct students independent work.
 Teacher will pass out post-it notes and ask students to write down what they have learned and any other questions they might have.

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