Lesson Plan : Intro to Slope

Teacher Name:
 Makkeddah Gilchrist
 Grade 9-10

 Different types of Slope
 slope, rate of change, x-axis, independent variable, y-axis, dependent variable, positive slope, negative slope, zero slope, undefined slope, horizontal, vertical
 To identify different types of slope.
 Given a line on a coordinate plane,students will identify the type of slope of the line.
 graph paper, color pencils/pens, smartboard
 What pictures come to mind when you hear the word "slope"? Possible student responses: ski slope, hill, mountain, skate ramp
 First, draw a picture of a skateboard ramp (if you are unfamiliar with one, there will likely be a student who could model this for you _/U\_). Next, discuss definition of slope as rate of change, which is the change in y over the change in x. Discuss the terms of positive, negative, zero and undefined slope., Examples to model the different types of slope: *go up stairs (rising from left to right) = positive slope *go down stairs (fall from left to right) = negative slope *walking down a straight, flat floor or hallway (horizontal line) = zero slope *trying to walk up a wall or down the side of building (vertical line) = undefined Go back to the picture of the skate ramp and have students identify as many types of slopes they may see.
 Have all students stand up beside there desk with enough space to hold arms out to the side. Instruct students to mirror the following movements: positive slope: hold right in the air and point left arm down negative slope: reverse arms (left arm up and right arm down) zero slope: arms out to the sides vertical slope: arms straight up or straight down (teacher choice) Have students practice positions a few times, then play a game were teacher randomly calls a different type of slope and students must move arms in the right position. If a student gets does the wrong position then they are eliminated from the round and must sit down. Increase the spend of the game to eliminate more students as they become more familiar with the terms and positions. The last student standing is the winner. Next, using a Smartboard or projector, display different graphs of lines and have students identify the types of slopes. Many students will refer back to arm positions to mirror the given graph images.
 Arm activity aimed towards bodily kinesthic learners. Drawings and graphs geared toward visual learners. Discussion and listening to partner explanation aimed toward auditory learners.
Checking For Understanding:
 Journal: Explain the four types of slopes and draw a picture example of each.
 Using A/B partners, in one minute, discussed what you learned today.
 Section pop quiz the next class period.
Teacher Reflections:
 What worked well? What do I need to change next time? Did I reach all learners?

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