Lesson Plan : How Many Patterns Can We Make?

Teacher Name:
 Vicki kelly

 Creating different patterns
 The students will learn how to create patterns. They will learn ABA patterns and color patterns. They will create patterns using different shapes.
 The learner will model simple patterns and sort objects.
 The learner will create and extend patterns with actions, words, and objects.
 Beep Beep, Vroom Vroom by Stuart J. Murphy squares, triangles, and rectangles in three different colors of construction paper. Make sure they are different sizes as well Math Journals Smart Board
 Have students come to circle and have a pattern on the smart board already created. Ask students what the pattern is. Introduce Beep Beep, Vroom Vroom By Stuart J. Murphy
  Explain to students what a pattern is and different ways patterns can be created. Talk about the patterns in the book.Create another pattern on Smart Board. Ask students what the pattern is and then have them add on to the pattern. Show students the different shapes. Explain to them that they are on three different colors and that they are different sizes. Demonstrate how a they can create a pattern.
 Have students rally robin with their classmates closest to them. Have them discuss another way they can form another pattern.
 The strategic learners will work with advanced and proficient learners and continue their patterns. Advanced learners and proficient learners will come up with their own patterns using other materials.
Checking For Understanding:
 Teacher will work with small groups and walk around and observe groups work.
 Have students share examples with class. What types of patterns did we create today?
 Student work Journal entry

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