Lesson Plan : What Time is It?

Teacher Name:
 Abbey Arnold
 Grade 1

 Tell time to the hour
 NCSCOS: 2.02 Tell time to the hour and half hour. Students will be able to tell time to the hour on digital and analog clocks.
 The learner will be able to identify the time to the hour on the digital and analog clock.
 Smart Board Judy clocks Teacher clock www.thinkcentral.com
 Have you ever wanted to be able to wear a watch on your wrist and be able to tell someone what time it is when they ask? Well, you're in luck! Today we are going to learn how to tell what time it is when we look at a clock.
 "Before we can tell time we must first know what each hand's job is on the clock." Show the students how to read a clock by first reviewing the hands of the analog clock. Explain how to short hand(hour) points to the smaller numbers and the long hand(minute) points to the bigger numbers.
 Use www.thinkcentral.com to walk students through Smart Board based samples where they must list the time on the analog clock in a digital clock. Complete several samples.
 Provide struggling students with a clock outline which lists the hours in blue and the minutes in red.
Checking For Understanding:
 As students finish their work have them meet with you to briefly discuss their answers. Correct answers will be their exit slip.
 Address the class by reviewing the hour and minute hands. Ask students what the main concepts were for this lesson that they should remember when telling time to the hour. Create a list using the Smart Board. Tell the students, "Now you are well on your way to being able to tell someone the time, using your watch, when they ask you!"
 Students will create a pamphlet descrbing to a stranger the parts of a clock and how to tell time to the hour. Students may use pictures or drawings with captions. Students must also provide written description of how to tell time to the hour.
Teacher Reflections:
 How do you feel the lesson went? Would you change anything?

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