Lesson Plan : Money Identification

Teacher Name:
 Charlene Sessions
 Grade 1

 Identify and correctly label various money types.
 Money Identification Spell and Identify: Quarter, Dime, Nickle, Penny
 Visually Identify money, label each denomination with proper values and addition of various monies.
 Given explanation and value assignment with each money value the student will be able to identify the money type by name and by value.
 Coins of various denominations. Visual aid of money in enlarged form.Several (10-12)items with price tags. (under $1.00)
 Explain the importance of money through real world examples. i.e. visit store and want to buy something Also the importance of value so that pay the correct amount for item. Also the value of saving for items of desire.
 Show the enlarged money and describe the characteristics of each value. Also count by the denomination. Small visual quiz on money. Pick a few items around room and assign a 'price' on each. Ask for students to give the necessary money needed to purchase the item. Start small and increase in value. Give students a moment to hold and feel various real monies.
 Students in groups of twos. One student has the money the other has item with assigned value or price tag. The student with the money needs to 'purchase' the other item with accuracy. The teacher will monitor and assist when needed.
 Make adjustments for visually impaired through sensory quiz by the teacher/assistant. For other learning disable provide shorter test.
Checking For Understanding:
 To check for understanding, throughout the day ask questions regarding the money needed to purchase items picked at random throughout the classroom. Also, during journal time as for the student to write about one thing they would like to buy (of the items previously shown)and how much they would need to buy it if given only $.05 a week.
 Explain that the students now have the knowledge to assess the value of various money and to determine the amount needed to purchase many items. They can also use this to save money for purchasing desired items.
 Reflect on how the students did on the test, quizzes and daily journal writing.

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