Lesson Plan : Hansel and Gretel Word Problems

Teacher Name:
 Karen Chick
 Grade 5

 Word Problems
 Word problems accompanied by student written journals
 Students should be able to solve word problems, and then convey the steps they took to solve the problems in writing.
 Develop flexibility in solving problems by selecting strategies and using mental computation, estimation, calculators or computers, and paper and pencil.
 pencil, paper, calculator, smartboard (if available)
 Discuss the steps in solving word problems, sharing strategies to accomplish this process. Then, discuss how to convey the steps in writing.
 Demonstrate by going over the steps to solving sample problem #1, utilizing the smartboard. Explain in writing step by step how I found the problems solution.
 In small cooperative learning groups, pairs of students will attempt to solve practice problems 2 & 3 and then write a journal entry for each problem explaining those steps. Then, the small group will go over the problems and the joural...discussing any possible mistakes, missed steps, or better phrasing, as well as checking to see if they have the same answers.
 The difficulty level of the problems, including the number of objectives and/or steps involved to solve the problems.
Checking For Understanding:
 Assessment will be two-fold. First, the student's ability to solve the problem correctly will be assessed. Then, the student's ability to turn their work into words that covers all of their steps and displays comprehension of the application of the mathematical processes that they employed to arrive at the answer, will be reveiwed. Feedback will be given for both areas. Questions entertained for better explanation and understanding.
 Have students talk in small group seminar setting about how effective they found the activity, problems they are still having, things that might help them to better understanding, and what they enjoyed about the lesson. Ideas will be posted to a plus/delta. Finally, review the key steps discussed in solving word problems.
 Application of mathematical skills - 80% or higher correct Comprehesion of mathematical processes and the ability to convey that information - Excellent, Good (but could use more details/better explanation), Unsatisfactory (missing over 80% of the necessary information/details ).
Teacher Reflections:
 This section will be used as a reflection for adjustment/modifications that may or may not be needed for another lesson on this topic.

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