Lesson Plan : Missing Cookie

Teacher Name:
 Shauna Floyd

 Subtracting one object from a set
 take away minus
 The students will be able to count and compare quantities.
 TLWD comprehension of decreasing set size by subtracting one from a set.
 counters, 10 per student wide-mouth jar or container small cloth or paper towel
 Blastoff Activity – Teach the students to count backwards from 5 and once mastered, from 10. Explain how counting down is related to subtracting. (ie: when you have 5 and you count down, you’re subtracting 1 from 5, the number that comes before 5 is 4).
 •Model counting down 5-0, 10-0. •Explain predicting what number will come next. (Count down, stop at a given number, ask students what comes next, how do you know…) •Practice 2-3 times counting down, starting/stopping, predicting.
 Mouse in the Cookie Jar – Explain the scenario – “We’re going to do some more practice with subtracting. We’re going to pretend that our counters are cookies. Everyone is going to get 10 cookies (different colors for each child). We’re going to put our cookies in the cookie jar and save them for the next day. But a mouse is going to come while we’re sleeping and take one of the cookies and then we’re going to have to figure out who is missing a cookie.” •Ask for ideas about how we can figure out whose cookie is missing. •Discuss ( if necessary explain that we can each count our cookies to check) •When the child whose cookie is missing realizes it, have that child explain how he/she knew.
 Strategic – solve the problem Proficient – solve the problem and write a sentence explaining their thinking
Checking For Understanding:
 Read the book Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed. After the story, ask the students how it relates to what they learned today.
 Tell your neighbor one thing you learned about numbers today.
 Student work samples and anecdotal records

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