Lesson Plan : Congruent Triangles

Teacher Name:
 S. Pope
 Grade 9-10

 Proving congruent triangles
 proving congruent triangles using SSS, SAS or ASA theorems
 The students will be able to identify congruent triangles by using SSS, ASA or SAS Theorems with 90% accuracy
 Students will identify congruent triangles using SSS, SAS or ASA theorems
 Teachers Notes and over head projector
 Students will learn to identify 3 congruent parts of a triangle in order to use SSS, SAS or ASA theorem
 Definition of SSS, SAS, & ASA Teacher will demonstrate how to apply each of the 3 theorems using examples
 Trys - students will work on a sample of problems and review with teacher for understanding before moving on to assignment. Question and answer period.
 Students who do not finish assignment will be allowed to turn in work the next day and may attend tutoring for additional time.( time in class for those who need extra help)
Checking For Understanding:
 The try-s in the notes is the first check for understanding. the next day homework and board problems are the 2nd and 3rd check for understanding and finally a Quiz on the subject.
 Congruent triangles can be identified by using SSS, SAS or ASA theorem. We must be able to find 3 pieces of information that will lead us to our conclusion.
 Quiz on section needed in the worksheet on SSS, ASA & SAS
Teacher Reflections:
 Most students had no trouble understanding the concept but a few did not understand that the 3 pieces of information had to be in a format of SSS ( 3sides of each the same), ASA ( two angles and an included side) & SAS ( two sides that form a congruent triangle). We will use the computer lab and a web program to help review before the chapter test.

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