Lesson Plan : Adding & Subtracting Whole Numbers

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Ogburn
 Grade 4

 Adding and Subtracting Whole Numbers
 Understanding various meanings of addition and subtraction of whole numbers and the relationship between the two operations. Understanding the effects of adding and subtracting whole numbers. Identifying and using relationships between operations, such as addition and this being the inverse of subtraction, to solve problems. Understanding situations that entail addition and subtraction.
 To make computations using the operations of addition and subtraction and to apply addition and subtraction to solve practical problems.
 Students will know basic definitions of addition and subtraction such as sum, total, addend, and difference in addition to the terms numeral, digit, and whole number. Students will be able to add and subtract multi-digit whole numbers. Students will estimate the sum and differences of numbers. Students will be able to determine the operation necessary to solve word problems.
 Achieving TABE Success in Mathematics, teacher made handouts and assessments.
 Teacher will access studentís prior knowledge by asking them to tell me scenarios in which they use subtraction and addition. Teacher will discuss with students the significance of being able to correctly add and subtract numbers in their everyday living, for example, when one buys a car, follows a recipe, or decorates their home, they are using math principles of addition and subtraction.
 (Direct Instruction) Teacher will discuss the number system and introduce the definitions of a numeral, digit, and whole number. Teacher will ask students for examples as they identify a term. Last week teacher introduced the concept of place value. This week we will review how to determine the place value of a digit.
 Teacher will work through examples with the class by asking them to identify the digits in a particular place values for numerical examples. Teacher will introduce addition and the terms addend and sum. Using prepared examples, teacher will show students how to line up place values. We will discuss the concept of carrying over and using prepared examples, teacher will show students how to carry over. Students will be introduced to subtraction and the term, difference. The class will work though basic examples that contain the borrowing of numbers. Teacher will place a problem on the board that requires borrowing and ask students for ideas on how to solve it. We will discuss the concept of borrowing and work through prepared examples. Teacher will pose a problem that has a 0 in a place value that needs to be borrowed from and ask students for ideas on how to solve it. We will discuss borrowing across columns and work through prepared examples. Teacher will place word problems (related to trade) on the board and students will identify which operation (addition or subtraction) should be used to solve the problem. As a class, we will solve the word problems given. Teacher will work through examples in which estimation is used to solve a problem.
 One on one assistance will be given to struggling students. Additional time will be granted to designated students. The use of a calculator will also be permitted for selected students.
Checking For Understanding:
 Teacher will reinforce the concepts that were discussed throughout the class period and give the students an opportunity to ask and answer questions. The teacher will review worksheets/handouts as well as assignments given in student ISP folders.
  Teacher will connect trade skill sets to reinforce the topics of addition and subtraction. Teacher will address any additional questions about the subject and reteach areas that students are still having difficulty understanding.
 Informal observations - Students performance while doing problems on the board, studentsí ability to answer questions during class, and class participation. Formal observations - Class assignments, drills, ISP folder work, post- assessment tests, and future TABE diagnostic results.

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