Lesson Plan : Introduction to Canadian Coins

Teacher Name:
 Tricia Koning

 Introduction to Canadian coins Introduction to pennies
 -pre-assessment of children's prior knowledge -children will be introduced to pennies, nickles, dimes, quarters, loonies and toonies -what do we need money for? how do we get money? etc. -focus on pennies, what do they look like-front back? what are they made of? how much are they worth? -introduction to new centers store & money sorting and patterning station
 -one penny per child -power point presentation on Canadian Coins -book: What Can I Buy? -coin chart -coin magnets -worksheets JK & SK
 -read book What Can I Buy -tell students that we are beginning a new unit on money/Canadian coins -ask students what they know about money, use prompts how do we get money? Why do we need it? etc. -show students power point presentation
 -hand out one penny to each student, does anyone know what it is called? -ask them to be money detectives and tell me what they see on the front, back? Why are those things there? what colour? what is it made of? How much is it worth? -using chart and money magnets demonstrate that 1 penny = 1cent -do a few examples with students using coin magnets and counting with students -demonstrate JK and SK worksheets to students -collect pennies from students -demonstrate use and rules of new stations with emphasis on importance of not taking the money -use magnets and have children count how
 -students go through rotations 1)at conference table doing worksheet with me 2) snack 3) centers
 -hands on manipulatives- real Canadian pennies -differentiated worksheets JK/SK -modeled instruction of worksheets and centers -small group support for worksheet
Checking For Understanding:
 -pre-assessment will inform instruction -checking with students for understanding
Teacher Reflections:
 The lesson would go much better if we had enlarged coins. Most students simply could not see all the coins.

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