Lesson Plan : Classification by 3 Attributes

Teacher Name:
 Jennifer Matlack
 Grade 1

 Classification by 3 Attributes
 Sort and Classify
 Sort and classify objects by three attributes
 The student will sort objects by classifying according to shape, size and color.
 attribute cards showing various shapes that different colors and sizes, attribute map
 I will divide the class into separate groups according to a given attribute (i.e. boys/girls, shoe types, color of shirt). The children will have to guess why certain students are in certain groups.
 The students will look at the attribute cards. They will divide the cards according to their attributes. We will divide by color, then size, then shape.
 I will introduce the attribute map. As a group we will complete a pathway with their cards according to how many attributes they must be different. For example, if there are 2 line connected the path stepping stone then the student must put down a card that is different in 2 ways.
 My group will only consist of gifted students. We will be working with 3 attributes rather than only 2 attributes as stated in the NC curriculum. If needed, a partner may be enlisted to help.
Checking For Understanding:
 I will monitor continually the progress of each student. If there is an error, I will have them start again from that point. Otherwise, I will give verbal affirmation to let them know they are on track.
 We will sum up the definition of an attribute. We will line up according to given attributes (i.e. The students with jeans, tie shoes and brown eyes may line up.)
 The teacher will note how much of the attribute map was completed.
Teacher Reflections:
 I will think about what areas may have stumped a child. In the past, Iíve noticed that the students usually do better with this activity with a partner, rather than alone or in a group (small enough for some discussion but not really lost/isolated)

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