Lesson Plan : 12.1 Probability Distributions

Teacher Name:
 Emily Werner
 Grade 11-12

 Probability Distributions
 frequency tables, bar graphs, cumulative probability, single and multiple event probability
 Student will learn how to make a frequency table and use it to find probabilities. Students will also learn how to make bar graphs representing different probabilities. The ultimate goal is to show students how probabilities can be represented graphically.
 To show students how to make frequency tables given information, and to then use those frequency tables to find probabilities. Also, to show students how to use bar graphs as a visual representation of probabilities. To give students more practice finding different kinds of probabilities.
 projector, computer, student copies of notes, white board, white board markers
 Teacher starts class be reminding students of what they have done up to this point. Teacher than tells students that today they will be working on making different representations of probabilities.
 Teacher starts notes by giving a defintion of a frequency table, and then showing students how to make a frequency table given certain information. Teacher continues notes by defining cumulative probability and probability distribution. Teacher gives students of how to find each.
 Students are filling in the notes and examples as the teacher does. The teacher will have students do parts of the examples individually. Teacher will be walking around the room as students are working.
 Teacher repeats important information, as well as, using visual notes for the students. Teacher puts notes in a visible spot and allows time for students to ask questions.
Checking For Understanding:
 Teacher walks around the room during and after notes to allow students to ask questions, as well as, to see how students are working. Teacher may address any misconceptions especially the difficulty of labeling the axes of the bar graphs.
 Teacher wraps up the lesson by saying that sometimes probability distributions can be more helpful when trying to find probabilities.

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