Lesson Plan : Relations and Functions

Teacher Name:
 Robert Sims
 Grade 9-10

 Relations and Functions
 Mapping, standard form, x-intercept, y-intercept, function, vertical line test
 To Determine whether a relation is a function
 Students will explore the concept of functions as relationships, as machines, as equations, and as graphs.
 At minimum students should have worksheets, graph paper, and pencil. This lesson can be enriched with a computer spreadsheet or graphing calculator.
 Have students come up to the front of the class. Choose males and females to pair up. Have one male choose to be with two females and watch the reaction of the class.
 By using students, you are modeling ordered pairs. To find out if the ordered pairs are a function, you must link a male to a female. If the male is "cheating" on his woman...this situation is not functioning properly in this relationship. Hence the pair cannot function. Not a function.
 Guided Practice: Using an example 1: Determine whether each relation is a function. Explain. This mapping diagram represents a function since, for each element of the domain; there is only one corresponding element in the range. It does not matter if two elements of the domain are paired with same element in the range. Next this table represents a relation that is not a function. The element 2 in the domain is paired with both 5 and 4 in the range. If you are given that x is 2, you cannot determine the value of y. Using Example 2: You can use the vertical line test to see if a graph represents a function. If no vertical line can be drawn so that it intersects the graph more than once, then the graph is a function. If a vertical line can be drawn so that it intersects the graph at two or more points, the relation is not a function.
 Have students who are struggling with both concepts to focus on the concept they can do.
Checking For Understanding:
 Using an "Exit Ticket", have students take a 1-3 question quiz to exit the class.
 Review several questions from the independent practice assignment.
 Lesson was a success. Students claimed that the lesson was easy to follow.
Teacher Reflections:
 The kids loved the Focusing event. The conversations about fidelity are still going on!

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