Lesson Plan : Working the Word Problem

Teacher Name:
 Claire Gibbons
 Grade 11-12

 Word Problems Practice computation Math Game signifying Life Skills Math - Banking
 Four mixed word problems from daily experiences decimals, money, addition, subtraction, multiplication, time problems. Review steps to solving word problems.
 To read a problem and extract key information in order to answer a question. Solve word problems.
 Name the correct operation in order to solve word problems. Use a calculator to solve equations formed from word problems. Write answers to word problems on paper.
 Camera, screen, projector, computer, internet, paper and pencil activity, online games and practice program. Calculators
 Students will recite the steps to solving word problems. Students will retain a copy of the rules for their math notebook as well as using the posters for future use.
 Student volunteer will read the first problem, class will brainstorm and analyze the problem to establish an equation. Additional three problems will be handled in similar fashion.
 After finishing four word problems, students will practice combinations with student conducting computer flashcard program. After flashcards, students will play math game called Math at the Mall. Location: http://www.mathplayground.com//indexhtml
 Projected image, paper and pencil activity, teacher and assistant available for extra questions, projected image enlarged, prompts, games, interactive activities.
Checking For Understanding:
 Review of each problem. Reminder of steps to solving word problems, repetition.
 Extra time on computer game in order to win "prize". Collect paper exercises and commend students.
 Rubrics and self assessment.
Teacher Reflections:
 Students reacted favorably to the word problems; they seemed eager to read and solve each one. There was some confusion about the rounding; whether it was before five or after. The class worked well together and the reading was terrific. Dan did an excellent job conducting the computer program while I sat with a couple of students to make sure they were using their calculators.

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