Lesson Plan : 8.6 Natural Logarithms

Teacher Name:
 Emily Werner
 Grade 11-12

 Natural Logarithms
 e, natural logarithms, properties of logarithms, solving exponential equations, solving natural logarithms, compound interest
 To show students what natural logarithms are. Also, to show students how natural logarithms relate to common logarithms. Finally, to show students how to solve natural logartihms or to solve using natural logarithms.
 1)Define a natural logarithm and to show students how it is similar to and different from a common logarithm. 2)Show students that they can use the properties of common logarithms for natural logarithms. 3)Show students how to solve natural logarithm equations, and how to solve exponential equations using natural logarithms. 4)Show students how to use natural logarithms in compound interest problems.
 overhead, overhead markers, transparencies, whiteboard, whiteboard markers
 Teacher introduces lesson by reminding students of the number e and the exponential function involving e. Teacher defines natural logarithm and shows its relationship to a common logarithm.
 Teacher shows students that that they can use the properties of common logarithms for natural logarithms as well. Teacher then shows students how to solve using natural logarithms and how to solve natural logarithm equations.
 Teacher will do an example and then have students do another similar example in groups or individually.
 different colors, verbal and visual instructions, lecture, and group work
Checking For Understanding:
 Teacher will have students do an example, and then have students walk her through the example
 Teacher wraps up the lesson by assigning the homework.

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