Lesson Plan : 9.6 Solving Rational Equations

Teacher Name:
 Emily Werner
 Grade 11-12

 Solving Rational Equations
 rational equations, complex fractions, solving
 To teach students how to solve complex fractions and/or rational equations.
 1) Show students how to solve rational equations by either cross-multiplying or multiplying by the least common multiple (LCM) of the denominators. 2) Give students practice using each method so that they are familiar with them both.
 overhead, overhead markers, transparencies, whiteboard, whiteboard markers
 Teacher will introduce lesson by reminding students or asking students tell her what solving means. Teacher then explains that this lesson is on solving rational equations. Teacher might give examples of quadratic, and radical equations that they have solved in previous chapters.
 Teacher shows students how to solve rational equations by cross-multiplying and how to solve by multiplying by the LCM.
 Teacher has a few examples of each method. Teacher will go through an example of each method step by step, them will have the students try the other examples either individually or in small groups.
 Teacher gives explanations and directions verbally and visually. Teacher gives steps for students to follow that will aid them in their homework.
Checking For Understanding:
 Teacher will have students do examples either individually or in small groups. Teacher will then have the students tell her what to do to solve the equations.
 Teacher wraps up the lesson by giving the homework assignment and telling the students that this was the last section of the chapter.

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