Lesson Plan : Variables on both Sides

Teacher Name:
 Franco Garzone
 Grade 9-10

 Solving equations with variables on both sides.
 Balancing equations, isolating a variable, combining like terms, and manipulating both sides of an equation algebraically.
 SWBAT isolated variables on one side of an equation by using the correct algebraic manipulations.
 SWBAT to solve a multi-step equation with variables on both sides.
 Four function calculators.
 Start off by going over two step equations with variable on one side, use steps to show how we cancelled terms from either side of an equation and how we combined like terms (use 2x-3=6 as an example).
 I then used a few examples from the attached worksheet to model the methods already learned to solve the equations. I ask questions to see if students recognize like terms, and remember how to cancel terms from either side of an equation.
 Students must complete the remaining problems on the worksheet (#1-10).
 Different students are able to use a calculator to perform arithmetic as I am working problems together with them, though encourage students to try not to. Also, I do not expect all students to solve the same number of problems, but do expect them to try them all. Also, students can work in groups or ask other students questions if they are struggling.
Checking For Understanding:
 I check the answers as I collect the classwork (#1-10 on worksheets), and ask students the steps for solving eqs. w/ variables on both sides. 1. combine like terms 2. eliminate variables from one side of the equation 3. isolate the variable
 Combined with checking for understanding, I ask the students if eliminating a variable is any different from eliminating a number. Also, is there a difference between adding and subtracting integers and adding/subtracing terms that containg variables? These serve as discussion questions at the end of class.
 Students that are doing the work or at least trying are understanding the material. Many students are not applying the effort and are not showing all their steps. I told them that not showing all the steps means not full credit.
Teacher Reflections:
 The lesson went well for students that asked questions on problems they did not understand and worked in groups. I do not expect students to understand the material right away. Some students are having trouble because they are not copying all the parts of the equation down at each step. At this point it is more of an effort grade. We will spend more time with similar problems, but the first step is to attempt them. This helps me to see what students are doing incorrectly, so I can model the appropriate concepts for them.

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